Lagom - The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life

After reading the book, 'Lagom,' by Niki Brantmark , creator of My Scandinavian Home (, our love of Swedish design has now led further to Swedish lifestyle inspiration. 

Here's a few of our favorite "take homes." Rather than follow a blog format, we are actually posting the notes we took from the book and how we see them through our Beach Chic lens.

The Lagom home is uncomplicated but refined with a focus on few details. "Single items are set apart to give them breathing space." Our interpretation is highlight it or hide it! It's hard to highlight special lighting or wall treatments when your eye has too much to see in order to fully appreciate the visual details.

How to live a Swedish life:  

1) Declutter - If you don't absolutely love it or need it, get rid of it AND BUY LESS.  A Swedish Proverb: "He who buys what he does not need, steals from himself." At Beach Chic, our philosophy for purchases maintains that the spend needs to be both purposeful and beautiful.

2) Candles are a part of daily living - Why wait to light candles for company? We use candles daily for weeknight dinners, or simply at night with a glass of wine.  And in today's selfie-world, we now know that everyone looks better in candlelight.

3) Rugs - trasmatta, or rag rug. Trasmatta are not only practical but they are environmentally friendly as they are made of old rags or worn out clothing. We love using rugs made from recycled materials such as denim, suede and PVC. See our Instagram Stories about our favorite recycled rugs. And remember, shoes inside the Swedish home are a No-No!

4) Sleep like a Swede -  Common in Sweden is utilizing two single duvets instead of a double.  This allows for a more tailored sleeping experience for the individual in a shared bed. Think soft, muted minimalism bedding made of pure linen or cotton.

5)  Avoid allowing Minimalism to be cold and/or unapproachable - This is easily solved by adding natural elements; sheepskins rugs are the swedish way. At Beach Chic, we love to add coastal elements such as favorite finds from our beach, including: sharks teeth, sea glass and driftwood.

Hope you enjoyed our take on the Lagom Home. Live well!